What's new in Twift.

New features and improvements come every so often, this page lists all of them.

26 MAY, 2022

Check for new replies!

If you've new replies on your tweet which were posted after you added your tweet to twift, you can click the new 'Check for new' button on the twift stats page to add them in too.

9 MAR, 2022

Refer Anyone to Twift and Earn $5!

Join our referral program and get straight $5 in your bank every time someone you refer creates an account and buys Twift DM credits

20 FEB, 2022

Export replies!

You can now export a list of user id of everyone who replied to your tweet in a CSV file by clicking the button on your twift's page. Since this costs us some server cost, we're allowing only paying customers to use it. The requirement is simple: You just need to have a minimum of 300 DM credits in your account. This doesn't use up any of your credits.

15 FEB, 2022

Edit your message after adding!

You can now edit the message you've set to be sent while creating your broadcast. All DMs sent after editing will have the new message.

15 FEB, 2022

Removed Link Analytics :/

Link analytics seemed to be causing problems with the deliverability of our DMs. We had to let it go. We (and Twitter) recommend not using link shorteners

21 JAN, 2022

Link Analytics!

From now, links in your broadcast messages will be tracked and you'll get detailed analytics on how many times were your links clicked and out of all the DMs sent, how many clicked your link.

18 JAN, 2022

This changelog

As we're building Twift and continuously shipping new features this changelog will help us keep track of it. We also want to show you that Twift is not an abandoned project and we're focused on making it better. Credits to Plausible's change log for inspiring the idea and design.

13 JAN, 2022

Send Test DMs button

You can now send test DM to yourself before starting the broadcast to make sure your message and links look perfect. Test DM will be sent from @twiftxyz to your account but don't worry your actual broadcast will be sent from your own account only.